Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tack Hooks

Journeyman was originally designed for roller reefing, but now she has old fashioned reefing, so called "jiffy reefing." When I bought her there was no very good way to secure the tack, and I used to lash the new tack (reef cringle) to the boom with some low stretch line, which took a while and was generally unsatisfactory. Modern booms often have tack hooks with which one can easily secure the cringle, and I decided to fashion one for Journeyman.  You can buy the hook at a good supply store. I secured it to the flange (used with the roller reefing gear) with a stainless steel padeye through-bolted and secured with I think 3/16 inch bolts, backed with washers and secured with Nylock nuts, which are resistant to loosening. The system is easy to use and plenty strong, and it cost little.

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  1. Nico,

    I still have the roller reefing in place on Victory and am interested in upgrading to "jiffy reefing". Thoughts, pearls of wisdom, pictures, blog entry...... Thank you.



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