Monday, October 24, 2011

Parts list

These are the parts I use in winterizing Journeyman's Westerbeke 12B engine, a 10 H.P. Diesel. The parts add up - $152.97! I could save a few bucks buying an aftermarket oil filter, but filters are critical and a filter is cheap compared with a worn out or blown engine. The engine has two on-engine fuel filters, the elements for which cost $9.90 and $21.66. Journeyman has two 11 gallon fuel tanks (each in a cockpit locker) and each tank has its own Racor fuel filter - a very nice system, giving redundancy to protect against bad fuel, and providing clean, dry fuel before the fuel even reaches the first on-engine fuel filter. The Racor filters will take out water as well as fine contaminants and are world famous for efficiency, but even on line the best price for replacement elements is $25.00.

There are three zincs, at $4.69 (for the engine's heat exchanger), $10.99 (shaft) and $7.64 (the Max Prop's hub zinc). The heat exchanger zincs last about two years but I replace the shaft zinc and the hub zinc every year.

I already had a spare raw water pump impeller so I didn't buy another; same with the belts.

The rest is non-toxic antifreeze, Sorbies to absorb spilled fuel and oil, and of course the engine oil. I have always used just a gallon of antifreeze, saving a bit for the potable water system and the head, but this year Joe at Portland Yacht Services, who knows Diesel, told me to use two gallons. He also said to be sure the engine was at full operating temperature before letting it take up the antifreeze, to make sure the thermostatic valve was open. You got it, Joe.
I generally cut a piece of Sorbie to fit in the oil pan below the engine, where it lives year 'round until replaced. The Sorbie absorbs oil and fuel and rejects water, so it keeps any drips from finding their way into the bilge.

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