Monday, January 9, 2012

Is Anyone Not Amazed?

Is anyone not amazed by Banque Populaire V's smashing of the Jules Verne record for non-stop circumnavigation, just completed? Here are the stats: 29,002 miles covered, time elapsed 45d 13h 42m 53s,  for an average speed of 26.5kts! (You want to see her going 41 knots?)

She routinely put in noon to noon runs of over 600 miles; the fastest 24 hour run by a clipper ship was 465 miles (Champion of the Seas, designer Donald McKay, in1854. This record stood until 1984.)

"Banque Pop V", or simply "BPV", is a 130 foot trimaran, 75 feet in beam, with enormous sail area and stupendous sail-carrying ability, strong enough and big enough to be able to press on at high speeds even in big southern seas. She is featured in an earlier blog entry, with a video link - great stuff.


She is surely among the greatest yachts ever to sail. Hats off to her and the crew.

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