Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yacht Names

 I've written about yacht names before, see the January 21, 2010 post. Here are a few that have occurred to me lately. Feel free to use or suggest them - perhaps you'll let me know by comment if you do.

Trice  Trice, an old English usage of uncertain etymology but dating to at least the 1500's, means at once or instantly. It could be the name of a fast cruising boat.

Brant   A brant is a sort of seagoing goose common to New England.,_Brant,I_JAG266.jpgBird names make good boat names - Herreshoff's Meadowlark, Shearwater and countless others come to mind - but I don't think I have seen a transom bearing the name Brant. Brant has a good bold sound, a bit in your face; I like it. 

Tipping Point   Here's a phrase that is very much in vogue just now. Maybe a clever name for someone's first sailing yacht, about which purchase - and use - he is a bit nervous.

Pierhead Jum  A sailor who signs on for a voyage with little forethought and without knowing much at all about the ship or the skipper has made a pierhead jump. It's a good salty name for a boat bought without a lot of deliberation.

What thoughts went into the naming of your boat? Have you lately seen a name you thought was just great? Do you, like me, see my post linked above, think there are rules to the naming of boats, or does anything go? Post a comment!

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