Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flashlight holder

I use little Mag-Lites on Journeyman, the ones that take AA cells. The Mag-Lites are rugged, waterproof, bright and focusable, and you can keep one in your pocket at night on watch.

I keep one just inside the companionway to starboard, and I added another to the bulkhead separating the salon from the forward cabin. That new one is almost a spare, but it comes in handy when we are sleeping forward at anchor.

The flashlights come with a ballistic nylon holster. To make a mount, I trim the holster off short with a hot knife, then screw it to the bulkhead as shown, with two short fat screws. It is an effective and easy mount.

Every spring I put in fresh batteries, so the flashlights will be ready for emergency use.

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