Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Knife redux

Here are a few of the other knives that are part of my life. To the right is a Swedish knife I keep in a sheath screwed to the bottom of the caddy just inside Journeyman's companionway. It snaps into the sheath, very secure, and is really sharp. Its serrated edge will cut even heavy, wet rope, and it handles limes with aplomb.

The next is a Laguiole knife from southern France, the gift of my father. The area around Thiers is famous for these knives and has been for centuries. The knife has a highly polished long thin blade, horn grips with brass inlay, and intricate figuring, including the emblematic bee. The sheath is tanned cowhide, beautifully sewn. I keep this knife at work and use it to cut oranges at lunch.

Doesn't every boat have a rough knife that can be, for example, heated at the stove and used to seal rope ends?


  1. My favourite is my Opinel knife.

    Just a couple of swipes with the steel and it is razor sharp.

    And the wooden handle has taken on a superb patina fro being handled by my often unclean hands.


  2. Thanks, Mike. I have one of those knives somewhere and I'll see what kind of edge I can give it.


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