Friday, September 18, 2009

What's for Dinner?

On Journeyman we have something of a specialty of the boat: fried pork chops with rice pilaf (or Rice a Roni) and green beans, apple garnish, and indian pudding.

Soak some chopped dried apple rings in a cup of water. You can buy dried apple rings in the bulk foods section. They keep indefinitely and are nice simmered with oatmeal or as a warm dessert, simmered with a little sugar, butter and water.

Salt and pepper the chops and fry them in a pan until done. Set them aside but leave the pan on the stove.

In the meantime get the green beans and the pilaf or other rice dish going.

Dump the dried apple rings and their soaking liquid into the chop pan. Put some heat under the pan and scrape up the bits as the apples simmer and cook a bit. You want the apple pieces to soften and sauce up with the drippings and brown bits.

Open a can of indian pudding, stir it up with a fork, put it in cereal bowl and set the bowl in a saucepan with an inch of simmering water. Put the lid on the pot.

Make up and serve the plates: chops, beans, rice and apples. A deep silence will settle over the table.

By the time dinner is done the pudding will be hot. Serve it with a little evaporated milk.

If you are not salivating by now perhaps your metabolism is faulty.

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